Participant Edge

We’re pleased to assist you via phone call. For assistance, please call 1-800-251-5013.


How do I access my personal benefits data?

In order to access the secure member benefits site with your personal benefits data you must register for an account on this website.

I can’t remember my username. How can I find this?

Your username is the email address you registered with.

I can’t remember my password.

You will need to reregister by clicking here.

I can’t remember my security question/answer. What should I do now?

Please email oe3helpdesk@oe3.org with your full name, DOB and address. We will verify your account information and delete your account so that you can re-register with a new password and security question.

I’m having trouble activating my account.

Please email oe3helpdesk@oe3.org with your full name, DOB and address. We will verify your account information and, if your account has not been activated, manually do so.

I’m getting an error message telling me my SSN is already in use. What should I do?

This means that you, or someone else with access to your SSN, has already created an account for you. Please email oe3helpdesk@oe3.org with your full name, DOB and address if you are unsure how to log in and we will look you up in the system.

I don’t see any emails from OE3 about activating my account or resetting my password. Why aren’t I receiving emails?

Please add oe3helpdesk@oe3.org to your contact list, and check your spam or junk mail folder to see if the emails went there.

I’m trying to access a deceased spouse/partner’s account, can you help?

Please call your local trust funds office to verify your information with them before contacting us.




What is the Annuity Plan?

The Annuity Plan is a supplemental retirement plan. Benefits from this plan are paid in addition to the monthly pension benefit you may be entitled to from the Pension Trust Fund.

When are my Annuity contributions vested?

You are immediately vested for all contributions made on your behalf to the Annuity Plan.

Does the Annuity Plan have loan provisions?

Yes, the plan does include loan provisions. These provisions are also subject to the IRS guidelines.

When I do retire, how is my Annuity paid?

At retirement, you will have several options as to how your money will be paid. You may withdraw the money in a lump sum, purchase an annuity, or roll the money into an IRA. Because of tax consequences, it is recommended that you consult your financial advisor or tax person before selecting your Annuity distribution method.

How does the Annuity Plan work?

Your employer makes a pre-tax contribution on your behalf as required by the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). This money, along with investment income, accrues on a tax-deferred basis. This means the money compounds and continues to grow without incurring taxes. Therefore, the plan's assets accumulate much faster than they could without this tax-favored status. These assets are then used to provide a higher level of retirement income than would be possible with taxed personal savings. You will not be taxed on the money until you begin distribution.

Why can I not withdraw my money at anytime?

The Annuity is a retirement plan that has a qualified status with the Internal Revenue Service that allows for the tax-favored status described in the answer to the previous question. Because annuities are intended for retirement income, the IRS places restrictions on when the money can be withdrawn.

Am I required withdraw my money at a certain time even if I do not need it?

The IRS requires that you begin distribution by April 1st of the year following the year that you turn 70 1/2.

Who can I talk to if I need additional information?

You may call the Trust Fund Office (800-251-5014 or 510-433-4422) or the Fringe Benefit Center (800-532-2105 or 510-748-7450).