Participant Edge

We’re pleased to assist you via phone call. For assistance, please call 1-800-251-5013.


Your vision benefits are provided by Vision Service Plan (VSP).

How to use your benefits:

  • Call your VSP doctor and make an appointment.
  • When you call, tell the doctor you are a VSP member and give the following information:
    • Your name and date of birth
    • The name of the group that provides your VSP coverage (Operating Engineers)
  • Covered member's VSP identification number (usually the Social Security number)*
    *The covered member is the person whose group provides your VSP coverage. If it's not your group that provides you with VSP, then it's probably your spouse or a parent.
  • After you make an appointment, your doctor and VSP will handle the rest. The doctor will check your eligibility for services and plan coverage.


Following is only a summary of the Vision benefits. For a complete description of Your coverage, please see the Vision Chapter beginning on page 41 of this SPD.

VISION BENEFITS (For All Participants)
  Participating Provider Non-Participating Provider

Vision Exam 
(one every 12 months)

$7.50 copay/exam Reimbursed in accordance with a table of allowances

(One every 12 months, includes contact lenses)

Covered in full for single vision, bifocal, trifocal or lenticular lenses (with Tinted/Photochromic) Reimbursed in accordance with a table of allowances

Elective Contact Lenses
(For vision correction only. One pair every 12 months, combined with eyeglasses)

Reimbursed up to $200  Reimbursed up to $200 
Medically Necessary Contact Lenses Paid in full  Reimbursed up to $250 

(One set of frames every 24 months. If contact lenses are provided, no benefits are payable for frames in the same calendar year.)

Selected frames covered in full ($130 retail frame allowance)  Reimbursed up to $30 
 Laser Vision Correction Surgery  $500 allowance per eye (once per lifetime)