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Your vision benefits are provided by Vision Service Plan (VSP).

How to use your benefits:

  • Call your VSP doctor and make an appointment.
  • When you call, tell the doctor you are a VSP member and give the following information:
    • Your name and date of birth
    • The name of the group that provides your VSP coverage (Operating Engineers)
  • Covered member's VSP identification number (usually the Social Security number)*
    *The covered member is the person whose group provides your VSP coverage. If it's not your group that provides you with VSP, then it's probably your spouse or a parent.
  • After you make an appointment, your doctor and VSP will handle the rest. The doctor will check your eligibility for services and plan coverage.


Vision Care Benefits

(For Employee and Dependents covered for Comprehensive Plan)

Services from Panel Doctor

100% of covered services after $7.50 deductible per usage for vision examination, lenses, frames, contact lenses.

Non-Panel Doctor Services

Benefits paid according to Schedule of Allowances; the covered person pays balance of charges.

General Plan Features

Maximum calendar-year benefit

No overall calendar-year limit


$7.50 per individual, payable for the first service rendered each year.

Coverage includes:

  • Exam (once every 12 months)
  • Frames (once every 24 months)
  • Eyeglass lenses (once every 12 months when warranted by prescription change)
  • Contact lenses (once every 12 months)
  • Low vision benefit

Low Vision Benefit

  • Maximum benefit $500 (after copayment) every 2 years
  • Copayment of 50% of BSP provider cahrges for supplemental aids.
  • Payment of the low vision benefit is subject to prior approval by VSP.
  • Coverage includes:
    • Supplementary testing
    • Supplemental care aids


Patient Options

Vision benefits are designed to cover visual needs rather than cosmetic materials. If you select any of the following extras, the Plan will pay the basic cost of the allowed lenses and frames and you will pay the additional costs for the options:

  • A frame that costs more than the Plan allowance
  • Blended lenses
  • Oversize lenses
  • Progressive multifocal lenses
  • The coating of the lens or lenses
  • The laminating of the lens or lenses
  • Cosmetic lenses
  • Optional cosmetic processes
  • UV protected lenses

Exclusions from Coverage

The Plan will not pay benefits for the following:

  • Costs for services and/or materials above Plan benefit allowances
  • The additional costs associated with any of the items listed under “Patient Options”
  • Low vision care services and materials outside the limits of the low vision benefit
  • Orthoptics or vision training and any associated supplemental testing
  • Plano lenses (less than a +.38 diopter power) or two pairs of glasses in lieu of bifocals
  • Replacement of lenses and frames furnished under this Plan that are lost or broken, except at the normal intervals when services are otherwise available
  • Medical or surgical treatment of the eyes
  • Corrective vision treatment of an experimental nature
  • Services and/or other materials not indicated in this chapter as covered benefits